Wondering Wednesday #5 – Can I pleazzz get some Zzzzz?

Can’t get enough sleep? Here’s how to get a good night’s rest and rack up the hours of beauty sleep?

Good sleep, I mean; the deep, untroubled sleep of the sanguine. The kind of sleep found in small children’s slumber. The sort of sleep they awake from is not just restorative, but reviving and refreshing. Fresh, sparkly eyed and usually hungry they settle back into the day untroubled.

Most of us are not sleeping this way lately. Can anyone sleep at the moment?

Hand cream at night seems to be something in the “best kept secret” category, (at least this is something new I have learned) as it has hours to soak in and work its magic. A possible way to sidetrack or prevent pillow panic is a series of routine actions to signal to your brain that it’s time to start winding down for the night. You know the feeling, when you can’t relax enough to sleep, or you wake up during the night fretting about bills, or that time someone voiced their negative opinion about you or something you had done. You put up with it thinking, oh, I will sleep better tomorrow night, and then you didn’t.

Here is a few ideas that might twist or trick your brain just enough to let you get some sleep.

Try using a wonderful smell from a natural moisturizing hand cream, I prefer and use a vegan and cruelty free brand.

Try a cooling face mask enjoyed while listening to spa music or the quiet sounds of nature, like running water.

Sometimes I find showering at night is a good first step. It relaxes the muscles, and with a calming shower gel with will slow a racing mind and washes some of those worries away.

You may find a spritz of an essential oil mist on your pillow is lovely, or essential oil diffused into the air has the power to take you away to dreamland. Will it solve all your problems? It will not. However, you might trick your mutinous brain into switching off at a whiff of it.

I find myself more inclined toward sleep when I’m clean, warm and have put my phone in another room. Occasionally I’ll find YouTube on the laptop and turn on my favorite meditative track that has a black screen. Knowing my computer shuts down (LOL -goes to sleep) after an hour is a game changer for me. But, I only use this when I am really struggling, or wake up in the middle of the night and find myself fighting to get back to sleep.

Although, I am not one to wear an eye mask to sleep, having a dark room helps some people find sleep. For me, having my window open a little(if weather permits) so I can hear the trees rustling in the breeze, or seeing the glow from the moon and stars peak through the curtains is a preference.

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I would love to see you there.

As always with Gratitude & Joy

Jacqueline J (aka Eema Unleashed)

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