There has been a few changes, again… To be honest I have struggled with being consistent with posting a blog. Establishing my business has pulled me in a few directions but that is ok. Decision making has never been easy, and with so many online suggestions of how, why, when and where to promote a business available it makes my head spin.

So, I am consciously streamlining everything. Getting back to simple and straightforward is my goal. My intention is to put all of the pieces of myself back under one umbrella. That being said, this blog will be focused on the good and not so good but with a light hearted, keeping it positive always ways of Eema.

To begin with, my newest adventure included getting back on a bike. In early July I began riding a bicycle again, just because I wanted to. Then part way through the month I recommitted to a previous goal (from two years ago) of at least once before summer was done I would ride from Niagara Falls, where I live, to Fort Erie the next town along the river. I know traditionally when going from one town to another the measure of distance is taken from one city hall to the other, but for me, I decided it would be from my house, to my daughters. I have to say when I realized it was about 24km (23.8km to be exact) it was a bit daunting. At the time I made this decision the furthest I had gone was about 8km, and it took me an hour of what seemed like a million stops.

I was looking for motivation to ensure I met this goal head on, and found it. Each year there is a fundraising ride that takes place in Canada, United States and Australia done in support of the fight against Childhood Cancer and the Sick Childrens Hospitals that care for these children. This motivation was what I needed. I am not sure why I needed to tackle this ride for more than myself, but I did.

I set up my page in the Great Cycle Challenge Canada website, set my distance and fundraising goals.. and got on my bike. I have to admit my first days were far and few between, I had to learn to be a confident rider again. It is not since my teen years that I have biked any further than around the block so I was rusty and needed to get the creaks out.

By mid month I had managed to ride a fair distance, I was thrilled to be up to 13km in an hour ride time which took the amount of time I stopped off the clock. Yes, it is still pretty slow, but I was encouraged that I managed. So to finally do two ride days one after the other was huge for me. It made me realize that i was stronger than I thought, or believed possible. With that happening I decided I would give it a go.

Originally, there was a group ride for the GCCC gang and I planned to attend, it was 27km along the shore of Lake Erie. Sadly, on that day I could not get to the start location. So… this is massive for me, I decided I would just ride anyway. … but along the river between the towns.

I was focused on crushing this goal, for me. But, the bonus was the benefit the GCCC and the cause for which we were riding would be impacted just a little more by me!

I headed out, with all the things. Water, lots of it! Snacks for along the way, keeping in mind I had never done this before and was not sure how much I would need for fuel.. LOL. An assortment of dried fruit, nuts, my favorite fizz energy drink, protein bar and a hydration powder to put in my water I walked to the storage shed, got my bike and started out with the biggest smile on my face. I was going to do this!

Yep, lots of stops. Yep, I learned a few things about riding distances. Yep, I have a list of things for my next ride (Oh yeah, this will happen again), Yep!! It felt great.

I am happy to say, I DID IT!!! 24km, 3 1/2 hrs out the house time, but just over 2hrs ride time.

I am so proud of this accomplishment. Gone is the fear of causing harm to myself with all my health issues, they are now secondary and not a focus. I have been limited by my mindset and thinking for a decade. I have been liberated, I now know it is ok to try new (or revisit things I used to do), it is ok to fail or miss the target along the way. But, when that goal is met, crushed the feeling and vibe will lift you to a higher place and understanding of yourself, what you care about and the journey is just as important.

As I go forward, I thank you with gratitude and joy!

If you would like donate to GCCC here is the link . With a few days left in the challenge every bit counts. If you are able, or so inclined it would be greatly appreciated.

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