Tasty Tuesday – #14 Nut Bread!

I am a member of a Be Well Club where I found this recipe. I have to say the fact that the ingredients list is made up of primarily .. well… nuts, intrigued me. I just had to try it, and I am glad I did.

I have to say I was not expecting the delicious filling product that I got at the end of this so very easy collection of ingredients.  A heavier style bread that will hold a topping if you choose.

To begin with I went to the local bulk food store and purchased just the amounts needed of each ingredient, so the measuring was already done. Something I had never done before when baking or trying a new recipe, but I figured why not give it a go. I went armed with my reusable silicone bags, but most bulk stores have bags available for you.

Once baked and cooled on a rack I had to try it. Made a cup of my favorite tea and sliced fresh avocado with a sprinkle of lemon juice, salt and pepper on top. It was wonderful! The bread takes some chewing, similar to a granola or protein bar, but oh so good. This recipe has been added to my favorites.

Nut Bread Snack with sliced avocado.

I sliced some of the loaf and froze the slices individually wrapped in parchment and stored in a silicone envelope. I have since defrosted a slice and freezing did not alter the taste or consistency.

The equipment you need is minimal:

A loaf pan, mixing bowl and a spoon or spatula, that’s it. (parchment  paper, optional)

The ingredient list:

140 grams of sunflower seeds

150 grams of sesame or hemp seeds

115 grams hazelnuts

100 grams walnuts

130 grams pumpkin seeds

150 grams flax seeds

80 ml coconut oil (melted)

5 eggs

Salt and Pepper to taste.


Pre heat oven to 325F, line loaf pan with parchment or grease lightly and set aside.

Combine all nuts in a mixing bowl and stir well

Beat eggs and pour into mixing bowl with nuts

Add salt and pepper, mix well

Press nut mixture into loaf pan.

Bake for approximately 1 hour until knife comes out clean. (I tested a couple of times along the way)


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