Get out in the sun! It will do your body good.

Summer is here and ready to cheer you up!

The temperatures are warmer and the sun is closer to us as it sits in the sky directly above us. Summer gives us the chance and is the only time of year to produce our own vitamin D through the combination of the UVB rays from the sun and the cholesterol in our skin.  As a result, we are able to photosynthesize and convert the sun’s energy into this powerful vitamin-hormone-immune system modulator.

Here in Canada and most of the Northern hemisphere we suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, it is an epidemic! But, it is not all our fault. You see, during the fall and winter the sun sits at too low an angle for us to produce our own Vitamin D during that time. To compound the situation applying sunscreen in the heat of summer blocks the process. A sunscreen with as little as SPF 15 reduces the production by 99%. You could add a supplement to your diet but there is no comparison between the Vitamin D manufactured by man and the Vitamin D created naturally by your body.

We all know it is important to protect our skin from harmful rays but there is much to be gained from spending a little time during midday hours when the UVB rays are present in the Northern hemisphere. Forty-five minutes to an hour is enough for your Vitamin D requirements and then apply a natural sunscreen free of harmful ingredients.

Dr. P. Phillips tells us “When exposed to the sun, the body produces several forms of vitamin D, one of which is a water soluble form, vitamin D3 sulfate, which flows freely in the bloodstream and extracellular matrix. It is this form of vitamin D that is cancer-protective, supports your immune system, and is beneficial for your heart and brain, and… THIS form of vitamin D cannot be found in vitamin supplements”.

Vitamin D is one of the most crucial vitamins for reducing the number of incidences of cancer, especially breast, prostate, pancreatic, lung and ovarian. The health benefits of this one vitamin are enormous! It has also been shown to reduce hypertension, heart disease, stroke and autoimmune disease. It modulates your immune system reducing the risk of getting colds, flu and possible autoimmune diseases while at the same time strengthens and improves bone health.

Sulfur plays a very important role in our bodies.. it is needed in the liver for detoxification. Sulfur also is vital for the distribution of other vitamins, hormones and neurotransmitters through our bloodstream. Don’t you think the ‘sulfur’ part of vitamin D3 sulfate deserves further recognition for this? It is important to recognize that without it we would not have proper transportation of our daily requirements through our bloodstream.

There are other health and wellness benefits to being in the sun. It enhances your mood, improves your energy level and boosts your metabolism. These benefits alone are enough to encourage me to get out doors and enjoy the summer sunshine while it is here. . I for one was not aware of the huge benefit list of naturally generated Vitamin D, but now I do, it absolutely is another great reason to spend time outdoors in the sunshine.

In addition, summer is the perfect time to spend some time barefoot. This practice is referred to as earthing,  but has also been known as grounding for it connects you to the earth and allows electrons from the ground to flow into your body.

Electrons help to re-balance your body from a positive to a more neutral charge. Besides the health benefits of these free electrons acting as antioxidants and restricting damage from positively charged free radicals, it just feels good.

Improved sleep and circadian rhythms, reduced inflammation and pain, improved cardiovascular function, a reduction in blood pressure, better energy, as well a reduction in stress and anxiety are all benefits of earthing.

So why not spend some time outside in the sun, take off your shoes, hang out on the ground or walk barefoot in the grass, soak up the benefits of creating your own Vitamin D while gaining some free electrons and a summer smile! Your body will thank you.


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