A Bit of a Rant and reclaiming my name!

Hi there, if you call me Jackie, I won’t be offended. Without going into a lot of detail it was suggested I use my full name for business, but truthfully if just never felt right. So I am reclaiming my nickname as my own. You will begin to see “Jackie” in my signature, emails, posts etc. It is still me, just coming from a more authentic place. Jackie, the me who calls it like it is, confident in everything I say and do. It was an “ah ha” moment when I realized using my full name was taking away from my true self. I know, some of you may be thinking … how odd. But that is just it, I am a bit odd, unique, heck some might even say weird. But, I am ok with that! I do get joy from sharing ideas, suggesting solutions and solving problems by just listening, and the range of topics would surprise you. Over the years I have served on a number of volunteer organizations where I could both listen to issues and concerns and make suggestions that were acted upon, and/or be all in up to my neck in a camp full of kids. With each lesson I learned, organization I was part of, or position I added new skills to the toolbox. I mean really, there is a long list, which all comes back to sharing what I know and when I find new things to share for the better good, I do. Now I have added representing a company that sells products, sustainable, safe, healthy for all products. Consumables, things I use everyday. But her is the thing….I also like sharing information about the products I use that have changed my mind, body and skin for the better with others. What I don’t understand is why now in this world where we are all looking for answers to a better way, a way to sustain our health and protect the world we live in by simply using clean products my words whether written or spoken fall on deaf ears. Is it because some people feel I am working with a company the mistakenly consider a pyramid? or, they think I simply want to SELL things? or, they have trusted me in the past but may not now? So I stand here, me in my reclaimed self JACKIE, letting the doubters know. Yep, I am sharing my stories about products that I TRUST, LOVE and have success with, and I am going to continue to do that. If some of you doubt me, please refer to my other self Jacqueline to get your answers…. because this person that is talking to you does so from a caring grateful heart and is not afraid to stand strong with every word and share that which is true. My name is Jackie!


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