“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” Socrates

Noun – a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

We all have wonders hidden within us, the trick is to find the circumstances to evoke them. Some days I wonder of little things, like will the sun shine today. On other days it is great big things as in when will the world harness COVID and control what comes next.

I started these postings of Wondering Wednesdays without giving thought to what the act of wondering really means. Well to each of us the basis of what we think about, ponder and wonder is different.

At times I find wondering inspirational and in other times educational if I let the process work through to a completion. For a long time I considered learning something as the only reason for wonder. However now, I have come to believe it is also seated in how I feel or perceive things in the world.

While I walk along the riverside my wondering wanders take me on a wild tour of things I didn’t know I needed answers for.  I had not considered that wondering and wandering did not necessarily have to take place together, but often do, at least for me they do.  I can wander about with no clear focus on what I am thinking beyond the visions of trees and songs from birds and rushing water. But, then it seems from out of nowhere, a clear thought! I have started taking note of these thoughts because at that precise moment I am struck by a feeling of happiness. Or, I can specifically wonder about something that intrigues me but until I either talk it out (to myself- I call this thinking out loud) or go for a wander the thing I am searching just keeps spinning around my head.

Now at my age I draw on the thoughts, wonders and answers found in my history to guide others as they search for their own answers. Just listening comes naturally to me. I am comfortable hearing thoughts of others as they talk though a journey.  By sharing my wisdom, I provide a way to help others unlock the things they would like to resolve and find answers for.

In this current world of so many uncertainties, do you wonder? Do you find yourself lost in negative thoughts? It is important to wonder of positive outcomes to support your mental health.  You may find it easier to begin with simple things, like my wonders of if the sun will shine.  Wondering if the sun will shine is a far more positive way of thinking about one day at a time than the number of cases of COVID that will be added today.

Find happy thing to wonder about every day. Little things thought of often will build and soon you will find yourself wondering about the bigger happy thoughts you may need answers to.

Remember, one day the sun will shine brightly. Until then get lost in the happy practice of wondering wellness.

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