To walk or not to walk….no need to choose.

A walker at heart, I have mentioned before! I still struggle going for a wander without my dear Angus, but know I have to. Recently I started going for walks to get exercise and fresh air. Now that we have nice days that is.During the winter I found a great resource for walking at home. I do laugh from time to time as it reminds me somewhat of the 80’s style 20 min workouts… but it is not that at all.Some days I attend the online workouts with Dan Giancola of BTO Performance while other days, I just need to walk. Both of these help me rid the mind of negativity and the anxious thoughts melt away.Dan’s workouts are rambunctious to say the least. However, he very nicely provides alternative movements for those of us (me included) who are not at the advanced level yet. There is no wrong, you move at your own pace and strengthen with each visit to the online class. Prior to my heart attack I attended BTO performance studio on average 6 days a week and sometimes more than once a made me feel good.Similarly, but in a different style, Leslie Sansone has a number of different WALKS for you to take. They vary in intensity and distance, you choose. Even if you choose a level too high…same is in Dan’s class…adjust and go at your own pace. Both of these options are fantastic for our current quarantine and isolation states. It not only is exercise but puts us directly in a community.. something that is oh so needed right now.Oh and did I mention these are available at no cost! Dan has added this online version so we can dive in and hear that gentle (OH MY GOSH) voice encouraging on.. But this addition has in less than a week taken his studio from a local business, to an international happening. Everything his does for his BTO familgia comes from the heart. He wears his heart on his sleeve and don’t be surprised if you see it.Leslie has been doing this for a while and has a following, I found her workouts by accident while looking for some music to upload for walking. Instead, I found a way to walk when I blue, or the sky is crying. Every little bit helps.In these days the trick is to find things that make you smile..even better laugh out loud!!
You can find Dan at FB – Dan Giancola every morning M-F @ 10:30 EST, and M-Th 6pm.comThe sessions are recorded if you can’t attend the live.
Search Walk at home with Leslie Sansone on You Tube and a host of pre recorded sessions to choose from.
Share Gratitude and Joy.


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