When everything changes.

Nearly 16 years ago I happened by a pet store while wandering one of the local malls. No idea why but I wandered in to have a look. Long story short, a little face picked me. Two weeks later after much thought Angus came home with me.

My family thought I was joking when I introduced him as mine. But everyone came to love him, how could they not.

Over the years Angus came to school with me.. I had returned to university. Apparently, his favorite class was Italian, but my studio art classes were the place he got to hang around and watch me paint.

Always by my side he cared for me while I slept through 3 and 4 migrain attacks, protected me from strangers who tried to cause me harm, comforted me in times of sorry and made me laugh. It did not matter how bad I thought a day had been, there he was waiting to cheer me up.

Sadly, Angus crossed the rainbow bridge in November and it has taken me some time to speak openly without cracking.

He is desperately missed. I have days when I feel him by my side, and others when I carry him in my heart. Always with me, now and forever. Until we meet again my Handsome Boy.


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